Where photography is art.

GB Smith

​Original Artwork

Photography has evolved to the point where a photo is no longer enough to hold a viewer's attention.  Now with new palettes available, the art form has been allowed to evolve from simply recording reality, to creating a believable, yet visually stunning representation of the moment.  It is in fact, a fusion of beautiful imagery recorded by the camera and the intelligent usage of filters.

While no one can predict the direction this new art form will take, fusion reality has the ability to take the real (photography) and merge it with the ideal (fine art).  Fusion is the place where the crossroads of reality and fine art meet.

Remarkably, both reinforce each other, and bringing out the best of each world.  The reality and grounding point of photography make the work of art relatable as well as believable.  The styles used bring a new dimension and in many cases a new way of seeing a subject.  

 Both are necessary to bring out the hidden qualities that make up the new essence of an object.  

Enjoy my original art images and explore what makes each so remarkable.

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